Brand Story

House of Tafari is a Creative based Kenyan brand that seeks to create functional and breathtaking works of art through its photography and fashion business lines; Tafari Photography, and Tafari Fashion respectively.

Tafari Fashion is a Kenyan clothing brand that endeavors to dance on the delicate balance of aesthetics, functionality, creativity, textures and colors, to create walking pieces of art that inspires confidence, while celebrating one’s uniqueness. The brand was born out of an expression and love of art and beauty, coupled with the fascination of fabrics and their ability to blend and create. The brand has gradually evolved to develop a classic, creative and edgy style aesthetic, pieces targeted to the calmly bold, and assured individual.

99% of our pieces are original works, which are carefully thought through and created by employing style principles that work for your unique body curvature to create apparel that suit your style needs.

Our Fashion scope covers:

  • Contemporary and African Bespoke Fashion for women
  • Limited editions ready-to-wear pieces for Women
  • Bridal
  • Men’s African wear


Global leader in image and style – Inspiring Confidence, Celebrating uniqueness


  • Excellence –We are committed to delivering best quality, well finished products.
  • Integrity – We are committed to conducting our endeavors with the highest ethical standards.
  • Team Work – We collaborate as one team for the benefit of our clients.
  • Innovation and Creativity – We encourage an environment of creativity, and novel ideas from all levels of the business.
  • Customer Focus – We are committed to work in close collaboration with our clients and to deliver an unforgettable and invaluable, creative customer experience.